Why Marriages Succeed or Fail
Зохиолч: John Gottman
Хэвлэлийн газар: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9780747593607
Хэвлэсэн он: 2016
Эх хэл: Англи
Хуудасны тоо: 240
Номын хавтас: Зөөлөн
Номын хэмжээ: 198x129x16 мм
Жин: 194.0 гр
Үлдэгдэл: Одоохондоо үлдэгдэл байхгүй
Үндсэн үнэ: 25,000₮
Улаанбаатар хот дотор 38,000₮-с дээш худалдан авалтанд хүргэлт үнэгүй.

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Psychologist and top marriage guru John Gottman has spent twenty years studying what makes a marriage last - now you can use his tested methods to evaluate, strengthen and maintain your long-term relationship. This ground-breaking book will enable you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what specific actions you can take to improve your marriage and how to avoid the damaging patterns that can lead to divorce. It includes:


- Practical exercises and techniques that will allow you to understand and make the most of your relationship


- Ways to recognise and overcome the attitudes that doom a marriage


- Questionnaires that will help you evaluate your relationship


- Case studies and anecdotes from real life throughout


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